Casino Versus Japan Whole Numbers Play the Basics


September 17th, 2002

We know what it’s like to wait. It’s been three years since the last Casino Versus Japan full-length. Heaps of underground praise was placed on Milwaukee’s Casino Versus Japan (aka Erik Kowalski) after the release of that record Go Hawaii. It acquired instant cult status through a combination of its incredibly catchy melodies and sporadic availability. Now the waiting is over. Carpark is happy to present the long overdue whole numbers play the basics.

Whole numbers play the basics is altogether a moodier, more introspective record. The distinctive melodic songwriting is still there, but the textures and structures are chosen from a wider musical palette. While Go Hawaii was all bliss and summer joy, whole numbers play the basics is the sound of life after the endless summer. If Go Hawaii was Casino Versus Japan’s Surfin Safari, then whole numbers play the basics is his Pet Sounds.

Hip-hop beats, dark tones, airy melodies, and hearty bass patterns show off a musical mind informed by sources ranging from the classic works of David Axelrod and Pink Floyd to more contemporary heroes like boards of Canada and My Bloody Valentine. This one is a true feast for lovers of sound.

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1. Single Variation Of Two
2. Moonlupe
3. Aquarium
4. The Possible Light
5. Summer Clip
6. Koma Sign-Off
7. Em Essey
8. Tryptiline Fabricate
9. Where To? / What For?
10. You Were There
11. Making Lake Park In The Sun
12. Manic Thru Tone
13. Trad Velecido
14. Slo Bid Bellwave