Various Artists Wanna Buy A Craprak?


January 21st, 2003

Wanna buy a what? Wanna buy a craprak? You may be asking yourself one or both of these questions right now. Ah but to know the answer is to ask the question. No matter. The first Carpark compilation is here!

Wanna Buy a Craprak? is a unique multimedia cd sampler selling at a special low price. That will make everyone’s wallet very happy. Wanna Buy A Craprak? contains 13 audio tracks and 4 videos from all of your favorite Carpark artists (such as Marumari, Greg Davis, Kit Clayton, Safety Scissors, Kid606, Dinky, Ogurusu Norihide, and Signer). Many of the tracks are taken from future and past Carpark releases, some are exclusive (Jake Mandell, Freescha, Takagi Masakatsu, Hrvatski, and 242pilots).

Now is your chance to find out what Carpark is all about. Wanna Buy a Craprak?

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Greg Davis – Brocade (from upcoming full length)

Safety Scissors vs. Kit Clayton – 17-11 (from “the ping pong ep”)

Marumari – Saka (taken from their out-of-print 1st CD “story of the heavens”)

So Takahashi – Blue, Blue, Electronic Blue (exclusive track)

Ogurusu Norihide – 5:00 (from upcoming “modern”)

Dinky – No Love (from upcoming “black cabaret”)

Freescha – Live and Learn Me (exclusive track)

Casino Versus Japan – Aquarium (from “whole numbers play the basics”)

Kid606 – If My Heart Ever Ran Away It Would Be Looking For The Day When Right Beside You It Could Forever Stay (from “the soccergirl ep”)

Takagi Masakatsu – Golden Town with Sunglasses (exclusive track)

Hrvatski – Equinox (exclusive track)

Signer – Interior Dub (from “low light dreams”)

Jake Mandell – Beartrap! (exclusive track)
plus videos

242pilots – Live at Taklos (exclusive)

Marumari – Way in the Middle of the Air (exclusive)

Jake Mandell – The Prince and the Palm (from “love songs for machines”)

Takagi Masakatsu – I’m singing, I’m singing a Song (exclusive)