Dinky Black Cabaret


February 18th, 2003

Wilkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome to Dinky’s Black Cabaret! Prepare yourself for a selection of dark and slinky odes to downtown nightlife. Tonight, Dinky (aka Alejandra Iglesias) presents to you the ultimate 21st century New York City pop record. Fusing the music of her teenage years with the current electro/post-punk/dance/whatever experimentation going on in her current home of New York City, Black Cabaret entertains and titillates. Imagine a radical reworking of Cabaret Voltaire, Madonna, Aphex Twin, and Prince and you’re only halfway there.

Dinky has DJed parties big and small since she moved to new york from Santiago, Chile to attend the Martha Graham School of Dance. Active in both superclubs with people like DJ Hell, Miss Kitten, and Richie Hawtin, as well as underground after-hours parties with such luminaries as Magda and Atom Heart, Dinky knows what moves people.

Black Cabaret is the culmination of every facet of Dinky’s musical persona. Yes, parts hark back to the melodically-inclined gothic elements of her earlier techno work, but other parts significantly explore brand new areas. The tracks overall have more of a pop song structure with most songs featuring a guest vocalist or even Dinky herself singing!

Black Cabaret is the state of the New York City dance scene. Stop reading all the music press and listen to what everyone downtown is really dancing to.

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1. No Love
2. Miles Away
3. Mami
4. American Guy
5. White Lie
6. Berlin Nites
7. That Thing Goin
8. Black Cabaret
9. Go
10. Transcendence
11. Frogz