Montag Alone, Not Alone


March 1st, 2005

Montreal’s Montag (a.k.a. Antoine Bedard) got lonely making music by himself. After working all alone on his first record for France’s Gooom Disques (M83, Cyann & Ben), Antoine decided it was time to share his knowledge of arrangement and orchestration by enlisting the help of friends such as James Cargill of Broadcast (Warp Records, Drag City), Amy Millan from Stars and Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts), and Sixtoo (Ninja Tune, Anticon). With its strings, horns, wind instruments, layered vocals, and analog synths, Montag’s Alone, Not Alone has a lush sophisticated sound that helps redefine classic electric pop.

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1. Le Temps D’Observer Les Voies Ouvertes
2. Grand Luxe
3. Temps Partiel
4. Perfect Vision
5. All I See
6. Time Difference II
7. Figures Of A New Color
8. Motif
9. Angles, Country And Terrain Connu
10. Les Choses Se Placent
11. Exit Melodie
12. Untitled