Skylar Spence Hit Vibes


March 5, 2015

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Back in stock... Hit Vibes: The Repress. Limited promotional copies of Skylar Spence's 2013 Hit Vibes album (released under the Saint Pepsi name) pressed on black vinyl and housed in a black jacket.

First repress EU/UK orders expected to ship Sept. 16th + AU/NZ orders expected to ship Oct. 7th. A pre-order for the second repress has been made available for when the current run sells out and will only be available until September 2nd at 5pm EDT.

All Hit Vibes LP purchases will receive a free download of Skylar Spence's mixtape "Alive 2020" instantly. Hit Vibes will not be available digitally.

*Limit ONE copy per customer for the first repress. Multiple purchases will result in an automatic refund. You may purchase the repress and the pre-order ONCE, however.*

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1. Hit Vibes
2. Have Faith
3. Better
4. Cherry Pepsi
5. Together
6. Around
7. Skylar Spence
8. Interlude
9. I Tried
10. Strawberry Lemonade
11. Fantasy
12. Miss You
13. Outro