GEMS Kill the One You Love


October 30th, 2015

“That old saying, how you always kill the one you love, well, look, it works both ways.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

When Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John Usher first met, their connection was instantaneous. That bond still fuels their art. As GEMS, they self-released the Medusa EP in 2013, a debut with a remarkably mature sound. On Medusa, Lindsay’s haunting and deeply emotive vocals provide the backbone for Clifford’s dark and dreamy production, balancing gauzy atmospherics with emotional heft. That mix finds new tension and release on GEMS’ first full-length album, Kill The One You Love. The record more deeply indulges in the group’s evocative shadow pop, influenced by R&B production and shoegaze. At the core of GEMS’ music is existential longing. Lindsay and Clifford try to capture the intangible and they arrive closest with Kill The One You Love. “Music is a never-ending process of learning and growing and reaching,” Clifford says. “Of stepping outside of what is familiar and moving into a place where there aren't answers.”

Since the project’s inception, GEMS have matched their visuals to their music, favoring grayscale imagery that’s equal parts elegance and sparsity (à la Antonioni). Kill The One You Love offers their sound as the true root of this aesthetic—stylistic restraint that, though stark, remains flush with emotion. The album opens in Art of Noise territory with “Blood Runs” and “w/o u,” unhurried mood-setters with a chill-out sense of liltingness and club-friendly low end. Songs like “Scars” and “Tangled Memories,” with their delayed chords, ethereal vocals, and clean guitar lines evoke early Cocteau Twins. “Soak,” “Heartbreaker,” and “White Light” integrate urgency and climax, reaching great heights with heavy, distorted guitar and vocal mutations. Lindsay’s lyrics wrestle throughout with the difficulties of being close to another. “Can you make me whole?,” she asks on “w/o u.” Between doubts and confirmations on “Soak,” she offers “I am your water to float in.” GEMS are searching for that ray of light in the darkness. Kill The One You Love is an album of hurt, longing, and the beauty found in that space between. It’s music for the heartbroken but hopeful.

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01. Blood Runs
02. w/o u
03. Soak
04. Living as a Ghost
05. Empires Fall
06. Heartbreaker
07. Scars
08. Tangled Memories
09. Savior
10. Epitaph
11. White light