Skylar Spence Carousel b/w Cry Wolf


September 5th, 2018

"Carousel," the first Skylar Spence single since the 2015 breakout album, Prom King, was written after a trip to Disney World with his girlfriend. The chorus was intended to be cyclical like a ferris wheel or a carousel -- at the end of the ride, you end up where you started. In the song, the vacation starts out hectic which, for him ruins the point of a vacation, when you can’t kick your feet up and relax. You need to work hard for those moments, to feel like you earned them. Those moments when one doesn't have to abide by a schedule, that allows for relaxation or even exploration, and they usually end up being the best parts of a vacation.

Cry Wolf
"Cry Wolf," the second single this summer from Skylar Spence since the 2015 breakout debut LP, Prom King. It’s essentially a summarization of a long period of time, beginning when he finished the Pixel Empire tour with Madeon and moved into a small room in a Brooklyn apartment, he describes, “I felt alone and detached from things that used to make me feel joy, but kind of just allowed myself to wallow in that anxiety and depression instead of reaching out for help. It took me nearly a year to reach the point where I had to start making changes in my life, and this chorus was meant to be kind of a mantra for people who've found themselves in my space, where you've talked so often about making changes it starts to feel like crying wolf. You can get through it (and appreciate the insight you gained for having gone through it!)”

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