Excepter Burgers b/w The Punjab 12


September 2nd, 2008

Excepter is a freewheeling American vocal and electronics troupe dedicated to the illumination of unconscious rock through hypnotism and trickery, electricity city, aqua vitae.

Excepter deliver two long dance tracks in a synthetic protest style, mapping the flipside of the sublimated global war machine inherent in the industrial food exploitation in the twin hubs of New York music subculture. Side A is a group groove on the cannibalistic struggle between capital and labor (ambition and drudgery) reproduced nightly on the Williamsburg gluttony scene. Side B is a techno imagining of the imperial threat of the comic strip girl on the Lower East Side as told from the point of view of the microwave ovens of a Sikh taxi stand.

(45 RPM for maximum phase forgiveness.)

War and peace in less time than it takes to get there.

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1. 'Burgers
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