Black Dice Load Blown


October 23rd, 2007

Load Blown is the fourth album by Brooklyn's Black Dice. The beats drip and roll, tar-pit voices sing into an oil can, and the guitars crank like calliope. Some tunes crackle and burble like submerged television, others bump and click along like a Summer Jam concert series from another dimension.

While a noticeable change in tone encompasses Load Blown (some tunes veer close to pop songs), this is a work of over-stimulation, a product of frenzied media culture, a sonic sifting of the gratuitous amount of "stuff" out there.

The span of time (nearly 18 months of on-again/off-again work) encompassing the composition and recording of the album accounts for a sprawling variety of sounds and songs. Strange and abrasive, yet somehow more familiar, accessible, and celebratory than ever, this is Black Dice at their most palatable yet.

Load Blown is a compilation of three 12" vinyl EPs that have been released with special edition posters plus exclusive unreleased tracks. The final EP release (released at the same time as the Load Blown cd) will be the remaining five tracks not previously released on vinyl.

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1. Kokomo
2. Roll Up
3. Gore
4. Bottom Feeder
5. Scavenger
6. Drool
7. Toka Toka
8. Cowboy Soundcheck
9. Bananas
10. Manoman