Rings Black Habit


January 15th, 2008

First Nation has become Rings. Rings is the new First Nation. This is their new record. It is called Black Habit.

New York’s First Nation was Nina Mehta, Kate Rosko, and Melissa Livaudais. Melissa left; Abby Portner (sister of Animal Collective’s Dave Portner) joined. The new trio decided to make a clean break and rename the band.

Black Habit delivers in a major way. Rings have clearly developed their own style: a loose tribal pop sound that thrives on vocal harmonies and pulsating drum rhythms. Black Habit’s energy is full of beauty, elegance and simplicity. The new name represents the group in many ways: the group’s circular compositions, the bonds between them, their decision-making processes, and their feminine beliefs, interlocking, connected, whole, and continuous.

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1. Allright Peace
2. Mom Dance
3. Is He Handsome
4. Scape Aside
5. Double Thanks
6. You Remind Me
7. Tone Poem
8. Teepee