First Nation First Nation


June 13th, 2006

After their first seven inch release on Paw Tracks and a successful tour supporting the Animal Collective, the First Nation ladies now drop their self-titled debut stunner. We could throw a bone and say they sound sorta like an updated Raincoats or The Slits. But hell it’s 2006 and First Nation live in New York Fucking City. They’re too smart for RIYL boners.

First Nation definitely employ the loosey poppy songwriting method made popular by their buddies the Animal Collective and Gang Gang Dance. But they bring a quieter and, dare we say, softer side to this sound. There’s even a kinda cool trancey tribal thing going on that they probably got from listening to some damaged techno…or maybe one too many Folkways compilations (one member of the band IS an anthropologist).

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1. Awakes
2. Creation (Exquisite)
3. Female Trance
4. Monkey
5. Omen
6. Swells
7. Cave Jam
8. You Can Be
9. Child's Eye
10. Waterfall