Terrestrial Tones Dead Drunk


March 7th, 2006

Brooklyn ’s Terrestrial Tones is the roommate duo of Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and Dave Portner (The Animal Collective). Over the years the two have been quietly making music in between Animal Collective and Black Dice commitments. Recorded in their apartment while living in Paris last summer, Terrestrial Tones’ third record Dead Drunk sounds like the duo spent a bit too much time in the Parisian flea markets. African food stands, forgotten European pop records, discarded American analog pedals and junk, old Soviet electronics, they all come together into something highly disconcerting, curiously pleasurable, and beyond new.

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1. Perfume
2. The Sailor
3. Gargoyle
4. Plowman
5. Magic Trick
6. Future Train
7. This Weekend Now