The Peppermints Jesüs Chryst


June 21st, 2005

Over the years San Diego’s THE PEPPERMINTS have brutalized many a town, blown out many a speaker, blackened many an eye, and blistered many an eardrum. What began as an idea (pure, dirty, and loud) became an ideal for these self-proclaimed kings and queens of experimental barfy trash-rock. The Animal Collective, having befriended the group years ago and being thoroughly impressed with their sound and live show, asked them to record this record for their Paw Tracks imprint. Often compared to groups like Melt Banana, Joan Jett, The Fall, and The Soft Boys, but ultimately flummoxing even the most erudite and articulate critic, THE PEPPERMINTS now unleash their second full-length JESÜS CHRYST and await the rapture.

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1. Yellow Rain
2. Snak 10
3. Daughter
4. I Lost It
5. Rabid Frogs
6. Sexy Total Fuck
7. Blududud
8. A Hotel
9. Carmen Coxon
10. Yes It Is
11. Eagles
12. Cousin
13. Onion Salad
14. Red Wedding, White Wetting
15. Santorum
16. Anxiathon
17. 4th of Your Life
18. Grapefruit