Panda Bear Tomboy Expanded


November 1st, 2011

*This title is no longer available via Carpark Records*

Limited edition 4 LP box set featuring the Tomboy full length on 2 LPs, the Tomboy single mixes on 1 LP and several Tomboy unreleased instrumentals and accapellas, plus "The Preakness" and a 16 page art booklet. Limited Edition of 5000 worldwide. There will be no CD or digital release for this set. Vinyl will be the only format.

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side a
1. You Can Count On Me
2. Tomboy
3. Slow Motion
4. Surfers Hymn
5. Last Night at the Jetty
6. Drone

side b
1. The Preakness
2. Alsatian Darn
3. Scheherazade
4. Friendship Bracelet
5. Afterburner
6. Benfica

side c
1. Drone (Single Mix)
2. Tomboy (Single Mix)
3. Last Night at the Jetty (Single Mix)
4. Surfers Hymn (Single Mix)
5. Scheherazade (Single Mix)
6. Benfica (Single Mix)
7. Slow Motion (Single Mix)
8. Friendship Bracelet (Single Mix)
9. Alsatian Darn (Single Mix)
10. Bullseye (Single Mix)
11. You Can Count On Me (Single Mix)

side d
1. Alsatian Darn (Instrumental)
2. Slow Motion (Instrumental)
3. Friendship Bracelet (Instrumental)
4. Drone (Instrumental)
5. Last Night at the Jetty (Instrumental)
6. You Can Count On Me (A Cappella)
7. Alsatian Darn (A Cappella)
8. Slow Motion (A Cappella)
9. Afterburner (A Cappella)
10. Drone (A Cappella)