Rituals of Mine BURST (Dev the Goon Remix)


November 20th, 2019

Just under two months from the release of SLEEPER HOLD, Rituals of Mine shares a HIT remix of “BURST” by the track’s original co-producer, Dev the Goon.  It's the first of a series of monthly remixes of SLEEPER HOLD tracks coming your way, so stay tuned.

SLEEPER HOLD, the new EP from Los Angeles-based electronic and alt-R&B duo Rituals of Mine, is songwriter Terra Lopez and live percussionist Adam Pierce. Inspired by ‘90s trip-hop, footwork, and downtempo R&B, the band has crafted a uniquely heavy sound that fuels its cathartic and uplifting performances. After years of obscuring her story and emotions through metaphorical lyrics, Lopez felt a sudden confidence to write more directly about her experiences as a queer woman of color. Lopez began fleshing out the songs with her longtime collaborator and producer Wes Jones, who helped turn Lopez’s heartfelt writing about trauma and personal growth into urgent and powerful electronic tracks. Lopez hopes that with the expanded sound of her new EP, Rituals of Mine will reach new audiences, inspiring more listeners to confront and overcome their own struggles.

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1. BURST (Dev the Goon Remix)