Ecstatic Sunshine Freckle Wars


September 5th, 2006

Two guitars, two humans, every riff in the world. May we introduce the treble warrior spazzos from Baltimore otherwise known as Ecstatic Sunshine. The playful and whimsical electric guitar duo of Matthew Papich and Dustin Wong are like a punk-lite version of John Fahey, Mick Barr (Orthrelm, Octis,, Greg Ginn, and Bruce Springsteen. In other words they can shred, rip, AND roll.

Having plenty of time and freedom to perfect their sound and performance while hanging out in art school and throwing parties in Baltimore’s cheap industrial lofts, Ecstatic Sunshine are now ready to take their frenetic live show to kids all over the world. They will not rest until they change your life.

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1. Ramontana
2. Beetle
3. Tuscan
4. Freckle Wars
5. Wave Chop
6. Pocket Knife
7. Perrier
8. Golden Rule
9. Swirling Hearts
10. Goose
11. Power Ring
12. Little Dipper Big Dipper